As a lot of medications Zoloft can in some cases create negative side effects that could range from mild to extreme.

Talk to your doctor prior to starting the treatment to discover more regarding the prospective threats if you are expecting or preparing to end up being pregnant.

This negative side effects is not effectively studied yet, yet if you seek prompt help your dose might be readjusted and you might still benefit from the therapy.

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If you unintentionally took even more of this medicine compared to recommended and experience fast heart beat, drowsiness, seizures, confusion, agitation, lightheadedness, and vomiting contact your local emergency clinic.

Such safety disorders as bipolar disorder, a record of drug abuse, seizures or epilepsy, renal or liver disease, and a record of suicidal thoughts are expected to be stated as in some cases that might impact the excellence of your treatment if you are not monitored meticulously for negative side effects by your medical professional.

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Their disorder ought to be very closely overseen to dismiss any one of such instances.